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Meet Ashley

Ashely is the older sister of the WeWearCute duo!  She loves toys, learning about videography, researching food trends and keeping up with pop culture!

Ashley is knowledgeable about kids entertainment and garners as many as 100,000 views an hour on her livestreams!  Many of WeWearCute's top performing videos were conceptualized by Ashley since she really understands their demographics and what kids love to watch!

She always bring 110% when performing and boasts high energy in her delivery and presence in her videos.

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Meet Emma

Emma is the younger sister of the WeWearCute duo!  Some of her hobbies include finding fun toys, paiting with watercolors, watching Disney movies, researching make-up and beauty trends and interior design. 

Emma scours the internet daily for fashion finds that are affordable and fun!  She dyes her hair colors and wears colored contact lenses to switch up her look contstantly. 

Her creativity and playfulness has no boundries.  Many of her successful TikTok videos come from her skills at creating aesthetically pleasing looks and fun sounds. 

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